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Assembly automation.

Univision Automation has expertise in creating custom robotic automation solutions for various industrial applications across multiple sectors. Such as Assembly Automation, Fluid Handling & Filling Systems, Material Handling, Process Equipment & AGV systems (Automated Guided Vehicles system)

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We have 12+ Years Experience

Customized Automation Solution

Univision Automation is always committed to providing “out of the box” solutions.
Which is the best fit for your company and your specific application? We always deliver one of the best highly customised automation solutions to solve very special needs based on proven automation technology.

Advance Industrial Automation

Nowadays industry demands high-quality and consistent products with a competitive price. we always promote new, innovative and integrated technologies and services, which resulting reducing the production and design cost
reduced the production and design cost by adopting new, innovative and integrated technologies and services

Process Automation

Process Automation Always addresses specific operational issues with a powerful way to improve productivity for organisations. It performs tasks using machinery, data and storage systems, and integration activities. Process automation smoothly runs the system by eliminating human inputs, which decreases errors, increases the speed of delivery, boosts quality, reduces costs, and simplifies the business process. It creates a complete automated workflow that includes software tools, people, and techniques.

AGV system automated guided vehicle system.
Tired of spending dollars for material moving on heavy vehicles and still unsatisfied with their work? The solution is AGV. We provide this high tech technology fully loaded and equipped with radioactive wire ropes, signal transmitters and receivers. They also have ultrasensitive sensors like proximity for mapping obstacles and gyroscopes for keeping this giant robot on track without getting diverted.
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