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About us

Strength of Sector Trading Group

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Light Metals Business

Light metal business is one of our businesses which we are doing with sheer accuracy and absolute attention. Since our start we have maintained absolute quality and standards in this manufacturing segment.

Timely adoption of cutting edge technology with reforms like poke yoke have hiked the use, demand and business of our light metal products in the market.

Steel Business

Steel business could be called as the flagship business of our company. Firm, rigid foundations, robust designs are some of the key highlights of our steel business. Steel products are something nobody likes to manufacture and mould daily. That’s why we have always strived for the highly customer centric approach and believed in high end customization.

No matter for which industry we are designing, our engineers never fails to amaze you with our beyond the curve products. It applies for the all the industries from agro, construction, auto, food and storage industry.

Plastics & Resin Business

Increased demand of plastic and injection moulding products have raised our excellence and accuracy. Raw material in plastic and resin industry is costly and everyone wants to save it without waste. Here when we comes into the picture.

The plastic moulds designed by us for this purpose gives highest accuracy in the market. With minimum wastage, extremely high affinity towards accuracy and world class excellent product we rule this segment of our business too.     

PGM Business

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Parts Business

Automobile industry could definitely be called as backbone of India’s industrial sector, and we are proud to say that we are backbone of this industrial sector. We are among the top automotive parts manufacturers in largest auto hub of India that’s Pune.


With provision of advanced technology automotive since long time we have never forgotten to shake our hands with innovation. We are among the top suppliers of automotive parts to top brands like Tata motors, Force motors and Mahindra and Mahindra in Pune and India

Equipment, Die & Mold Business

With highly qualified and experienced tech experts we just rule this segment of business in the market. Equipments, dies and moulds are such parts of manufacturing process which needs attention and accuracy.

We have already designed and developed numerous units for all sectors including automobile, agriculture, food and packaging, storage and material handling despite huge differences in all those segments.

We have range of manufactured equipments including hydraulic, pneumatic. Electric and even manual too.  Some significant equipments specimens are AGV’s, Automatic conveyers, electric cranes. 

Our dies also include metallic as well as non metallic dies especially designed for non metallic manufacturing processes like injection moulding.


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