AUTO HYGIENE COVID-19 Solutions for Healthcare of Employees

Lack of sanitation contributes to about 10% of the global disease burden, causing mainly diarrheal diseases. Achieving good hygiene practices and even exceeding sanitation guidelines is possible with UNIVISION’s -state-of-the-art cleaning technology.  Quality of hygiene at the entry area is extremely important to prevent diseases.
Our hygiene equipment,- hygiene stations and hygiene systems technology is an innovative, automatic, and more efficient monitoring tool to help drive true improvement in hand hygiene compliance and maintains a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process. Constructed in high-quality stainless steel for superior longevity and reliability, UNIVISION’s Hygiene machines are highly efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to maintain, keeping your work equipment and personal hygiene perfectly clean while establishing proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area. Efficient hand washing and disinfection is key in preventing product contamination and meeting the hygiene standards


Hygiene Hand Wash Process: –
With UNIVISION’s well planned and managed hand cleaning process, we direct the personnel to follow all the steps without skipping any. Standard hygiene hand wash process (Cycle):-(Auto detection of hands in Washing area)
1) Warm Water splash on hand- 2 sec.
2) Soap/detergent dispense-1 sec
3) Delay for hand rub- 20 sec.
4) Warm Water Spray- 10 sec.
5) Air dryer- 6 sec.
6) Sanitizer dispense- 1 sec.
– Total hygiene hand wash time: – 40 sec.
*Note: – All the timers are settable with supervisory control.


  •  Contactless dispenser (Sensor confirms presence of Hand to start the Process)
  • Auto Refillable reservoir (15 L)
  • No. of hygiene hand washes per one fill: – 7500 Nos.
  • Contactless sensor operation
  • Electrical supply (230Vac, 50Hz)
  • Auto Liquid low level indicator with Audio Visual Alarm
  • Splash-proof
  • Warm water hand wash with sanitization
  • Overall Size: – 1900*585*1216 (H*W*D) mm (6.25*2*4(H*W*D) ft.)
Utility requirement: –
  • 230 Vac,Single phase,5A,50 Hz, power supply.
  • Tap Water point with min.5 lpm flow rate.
  • Proactively increases compliance with a gentle reminder to staff if needed
  •  Reduces treatment costs and length of stay associated with HAIs
  •  Improves clinical workflow with no change in established hand hygiene protocols


Univision’s Auto hand hygiene monitoring system captures 100% of hand hygiene events and is deployable as a standalone solution. Univision Hand Hygiene solution can demonstrate if an employee washed their hands upon entering a room. Failure to comply with hand hygiene protocols will result in a gentle reminder by messaging (SMS) to the staff members. This allows healthcare facilities to audit hand hygiene processes, reduce the spread of infections, and improve Employees efficiency by way of reduced medical holidays and lower costs to employees for health reasons. A turnstile-controlled passage additionally guarantees that only the personnel with their hands properly