This product is used to carry and handle the loads easily and ergonomically.

Tyre Manipulators

  • Tyre manipulator is used to handle tyre easily for assembly on vehicle, ergonomically
  • It works on the Zero gravity principle
  • Totally pneumatic operated
  • Easy to handle

Hub Assembly Manipulators

  • The wheel hub will be lying horizontally on floor
  • The pneumatic gripper will hold the hub on diametrical face, it will be tilted pneumatically (90 degree) to make it vertical and then aligned and placed on to the Axle assembly, moving on the conveyor
  • Maintain CG of Gripper after tilting of job
  • The gripper will be made suitable for both the Front & Rear Hub.


  • This system is used to punch the pattern hole on trim door
  • Pressing load is up to 2000kg
  • Used Hydro pneumatic system for impact stroke
  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance free system


  • Mobile Compactor
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieving Systems (ASRS)
  • Carousel Storage System

Cylinder head transfer and Conveyor

Bin Transfer